Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

An Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor allows the ECU to continuously monitor the temperature of the air conditioning system. Temperature sensors are typically two wire sensors; a signal wire that is connected to an AVI, and a signal ground wire.+

Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor Configuration

On this node, the Air Conditioner Temperature sensor calibration can be loaded or entered manually. If you have purchased a sensor from Haltech, calibrations can be loaded directly into the calibration table by using the 'Load from File' button. Calibrations can be saved to file by using the 'Save to File' button. 


This node sets the minimum value for the number and gauge displays. When the sensor reads below this amount, any number or gauge displays will flash red as a warning of low temperature.


This node allows the enabling of high and low voltage DTCs for the Air Conditioner Temperature sensor.

A DTC severity can be set for each voltage, which will trigger an Engine Protection level for the relevant setting.


This node allows you to assign the input for the Air Conditioner Temperature sensor. 

Air Conditioner Temperature sensors use an Analog Input. Any available AVI can be used if the sensor is wired directly to the ECU. 

Setting the Input Type allows the ECU to accept a voltage calibrated sensor, or a resistance calibrated sensor. Useful if you don't have a voltage calibration, or you wish to enter your calibration data in as resistance values. This will change the calibration screen found in the main Air Conditioner Temperature sensor node.
A K-Type Thermocouple input can also be used.

It is recommended to enable the Pull Up when using a 2-wire temperature sensor.

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