Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage

These settings define the maximum and minimum value allowed before the respective warning indicator is activated.
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    • Alternator Control Target Voltage

      TargetThe Target Voltage that you wish to have the Alternator Control aim for. Typically this will be 13.8 to 14.4V. Too low will not charge the battery, and too high can cause battery damage.
    • Battery Voltage Diagnostics

      This feature allows a warning light to be connected to alert the vehicle operator that the vehicle battery voltage is below a certain voltage. Wiring Tab Connections Output Active State Display Tab Warning Minimum Warning Maximum Diagnostics Tab ...
    • Diagnostics

      Battery Voltage Diagnostics Minimum - When enabled allows detection of battery conditions that could indicate a sudden drop in voltage. This will activate the DTC P0562. If the Engine Protection function is active a DTC Severity level can be selected ...
    • Black (Battery Ground)

      One of the most common wiring problems experienced is poor grounding. There should be no paint, anodising or other surface layer protection between the ground wire and engine block or chassis. Temporary wiring will almost certainly cause a problem, ...
    • Battery Light

      Battery Light Page Options Output Mode Digital - Switched Select a DPO (Digital Pulsed Output) to activate the battery light CAN Output Where supported will activate a CAN connected battery light On Voltage Sets the voltage at which if the battery ...