Boost Control Wiring

Boost Control Wiring


Output Type

One Solenoid - This is the typical setup found on cars which are turbocharged from factory, as well as most after-market turbo suppliers

Two Solenoids - This is most typically used when a pressurised gas is used to manipulate boost. This is typically only needed in drag racing, where the consistency of the regulated pressure is advantageous for tuning. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a popular pressurised gas to use, as it isn't flammable. Note that the solenoids should have the Normally Closed (NC) and Common (C) ports connected as shown below, and the Normally Open (NO) port blocked completely. 


Boost Solenoid Output - Select an available output wire, typically a DPO (Digital Pulsed Output) that will be wired to your Boost Control Solenoid.
Arm Switch - Select an available input wire that will be used for the Arm Switch. Typically an AVI (Analogue Voltage Input) is selected.

Boost Trim Input - Select an available input wire that will be used for the Trim control. Typically an AVI (Analogue Voltage Input) is selected due to the varying voltage signal used to adjust the boost level.

Scramble Boost Input - Select an available input wire that will be used for the Scramble Boost input. Typically an SPI (Synchronised Pulsed Input) or an AVI (Analogue Voltage Input) is selected and configured as a switch input.

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