Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light (CEL) function is used to display a light or warning to the driver that an error or fault condition exists in the Elite ECU. If the Knock Detection function is enabled it can also be configured to flash the CEL when the engine is knocking.

Wiring Tab


Light Output

Selected if a CEL is to be wired to the Elite ECU, or a factory fitted CEL is to be used over CAN with a supported vehicle.

Output Mode

Digital Switch

Selected if a CEL is to be wired to the Elite ECU.

CAN Output Switched

Selected if the CEL on a CAN supported vehicle is to be used.

Haltech CAN Supported Dash

Selected if a Haltech CAN supported dash is to be used for CEL display. This is a dash on the Haltech CAN bus, not a Vehicle CAN bus.


Check Engine Light Output

Select an available output wire, typically a DPO (Digital Pulsed Output) that will be connected to the CEL.

Active State

Controls the whether the output is normal or inverted. Low will ground the output wire when the output is set to be On. Setting to High will invert this signal, with the output wire being grounded when the output is set to be Off, and not grounded when it is set to be On. (Default = Low)

Settings Tab

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Activation Criteria

Current and Past DTCs

The CEL will stay active until the DTC is cleared in the ESP software. Fixing the error or fault alone will not clear the CEL light.

Current DTCs Only

The CEL is only active while a DTC is current. If the error or fault is repaired, the CEL will go out.

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