You will find the Device tab in the Main Setup Menu (found by pressing F4 or by clicking the Setup). This tab allows you to turn on and assign CAN inputs or outputs to either the Aux CAN Bus Port or to the Main connectors on the Elite ECU.

Bus Selection


Main Connectors

The Main Connectors can output Haltech CAN Channels to run any type of CAN configurable Dash or Haltech CAN device. The CAN High and CAN Low Wires will need to be terminated with Haltech ECU Pins then run into pins B23 and B24 (Small Connector). One of the major benefits of running the pins into the Main Connector pins, is being able to leave the Pocket Cover in place to keep the Elite ECU water proof.

Aux CAN Bus Port

The Auxiliary CAN Bus Port has a 4 pin DTM4 Series Connector (included) that can be terminated to suit the Haltech CAN device(s) that is being used.

The Devices Tab allows you to select one of the Vehicle Bus listings that are able to be connected to Elite series ECU as well as one of the supported Vehicle's CAN bus system.


The Haltech can output OBDII data on the Vehicle CAN system. This allows most scan tools, plus third party applications such as iPhone/Android OBDII displays, to display diagnostic trouble codes and sensor data. This data output can be disabled if desired.

Haltech Elite Series ECU's support the following data channels as per the international OBD-II standards.

Request Diagnostic Data





Engine Coolant Temperature

Sensor Enabled


Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1

O2 Control Bank 1


Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1

O2 Control Bank 1 with long term.


Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2

O2 Control Bank 2


Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2

O2 Control Bank 2 with long term.


Fuel Rail Pressure (Gague)

Sensor Enabled


Intake Manifold Pressure (Absolute)

Sensor Enabled


Engine RPM



Vehicle Speed

Sensor Enabled


Ignition Timing Advance



Intake Air Temperature

Sensor Enabled or calculated air temperature enabled.


Air Flow Rate

MAF 1 or MAF 2 enabled


ABS Throttle Position



Narrow Band 1 - Bank 1 Sensor 1

Sensor Enabled


Narrow Band 2 - Bank 2 Sensor 1

Sensor Enabled


OBD Requirement



Run Time Since Engine Start



Wideband Sensor 1 - Bank 1 Sensor 2

Wideband sensor 1 Enabled


Wideband Sensor 2 - Bank 1 Sensor 3

Wideband sensor 2 Enabled


Wideband Sensor 3 - Bank 2 Sensor 2

Wideband sensor 3 Enabled


Wideband Sensor 4 - Bank 2 Sensor 3

Wideband sensor 4 Enabled


Commanded Evaporative Purge

Evaporative Control enabled


Fuel Tank Level Input

Sensor Enabled


Barometric Pressure (Absolute)

Sensor Enabled


Catalyst Temperature 1

EGT Sensor 1 Enabled


Catalyst Temperature 2

EGT Sensor 2 Enabled


Catalyst Temperature 3

EGT Sensor 3 Enabled


Catalyst Temperature 4

EGT Sensor 4 Enabled


Control Module Voltage



Fuel-Air Commanded Equivalence Ratio

VE or O2 Control enabled


Ethanol Fuel Percentage

Sensor Enabled


Engine Oil Temperature

Sensor Enabled

Request Vehicle Information





VIN Number



Calibration Identification

Should not be used by customers


Electronic Control Unit Name



The Elite is capable of replicating factory CAN data of select vehicles. Select your vehicle from this list if it is available.

Receive Only Mode

When installing the Elite ECU in parallel with the factory ECU (eg. to retain automatic transmission control), you may need to set the Elite to receive-only mode. This prevents both ECU's from talking at once, which can cause issues with CAN devices.


If you have a Haltech CAN Supported Dash it will need to be enabled in this page by clicking the Tick box for the: Haltech CAN supported dash.
If your Haltech CAN supported Dash is only showing zero's, please contact Haltech Technical support as your Dash may need to be updated.

Input/ Output Expander Boxes

The Input/Output Expander Boxes (I/O Box) can be enabled by clicking the tick box for I/O Expander (Box A) or I/O Expander (Box B) depending on which box you have connected to the CAN PORT or Haltech CAN Hub. Once you have ticked the I/O box that is appropriate to your setup, you will be able to select a new range of inputs and outputs. You will see these listed as IOA or IOB and they will be seen in the I/O Resource report on the functions page

Thermocouple Amplifier Boxes

The Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier Boxes (TCA) can be enabled through this Tab as well.
There are 4 different variants of Thermocouple Boxes that can be connected into the Haltech Elite ECU, so it's important to check what Thermocouple Amplifier box or Boxes you have.
TCA 2 (Box A) 2 channel Thermocouple Amplifier
TCA 2 (Box B) 2 channel Thermocouple Amplifier
TCA 4 (Box A) 4 Channel thermocouple Amplifier
TCA 4 (Box B) 4 Channel thermocouple Amplifier
Once the Thermocouple Probes are plugged into the TCA Amplifier, you will then be able to assign the sensors to the appropriate inputs in the functions Tab.

Wideband Controller Boxes

The Wideband Controller Boxes (WBC) can be enabled by ticking the WBC-1 or WBC-2 Boxes.
The Single Channel WBC will come with one O2 Sensor that can be assigned to the inputs.
The Dual Channel will have two O2 sensors that can be assigned to the inputs
The WBC will then be enabled and ready for the sensor (s) to be able to be assigned in the functions tab. This type of sensor will then be able to be assigned in the O2 Control as well.

Race Expansion Modules

The Race Expansion Modules (REM) can be enabled by ticking the Haltech Race Expansion Module box.
Auxiliary inputs and outputs are enabled by ticking the Enable Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs box.

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