Engine Limiting Channel States

Engine Limiting Channel States

Engine Limiting Method:

0  None
1  Fuel
2  Ignition

Engine Limiting Function:

0  None
1  Immobiliser
2  Map version error
3  Electronic throttle error
4  Electronic throttle redundancy error
5  Decel cut
6  Over boost cut
7  Ignition switch
8  Anti-flood
9  Limp mode
10  Rotational idle
11  Launch control
12  Torque reduction
13  Flat shift
14  Aux limiter
15  Main limiter
16  Speed limiter
17  Supervisor error
18  Turbo Timer
19  Engine Protection
20  Flood Clear
21  Diagnostic trouble code
22  LPG
23  Kill Switch
24  Traction Control
25  Rolling Anti-lag
26  Torque Management DS RPM
27  Trans-Brake Control
28  Injection System Error
29  Main Setup (F4) Page Error
30  Injection System Disable
31  Torque Model
32  Start/Stop Button
33  Throttle Blip
34  IMU Calibration

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