ESP – the key to unlocking Elite’s features

ESP – the key to unlocking Elite’s features

More functions, more flexible maps, upgraded data logging, self learning, and a host of additional features are all contained in the new Elite 2500 ECU, but to access them you will need to use the all new ESP software. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major changes and how to navigate through ESP.

Please note this is not a comprehensive guide, just a quick overview to get you started.

article_esp10After you download and install ESP for Elite, you will notice the application icon has changed. This is what the new ESP icon looks like.

Once the ESP software is installed you will be prompted to sign up for an “ESP Online” account. Don’t worry we aren’t going to sell your details to Google or spam you with our Nigerian bank details, the purpose of ESP online is to keep you up to date without you having to download large software and firmware files on a regular basis.

ESP Online has been created because the Elite ECU and ESP software are fundamentally different to any of our previous ECUs in that a lot more information is now stored in the unit itself. This speeds up the ESP software, makes it more portable and puts less emphasis on your laptop’s specs.


When tuning an Elite ECU, if for whatever reason you don’t have all the latest definition files saved on your laptop, your ESP online account will automatically search our servers, find the correct definition file, download it and load it up in the ESP software automatically (assuming of course your laptop is connected to the internet).

Previously this situation would have required the whole software package being downloaded from our website (currently 110MB, whereas a definition file is only about 500KB).

The splash screen has changed too, these icons are all live links and if you have signed up for ESP online and you have an active internet connection this splash screen will show you the latest updates, videos and specials on offer from Haltech.


To create a map and start using the ESP software click FILE, then NEW.


Once you have a map open the ESP software looks and feels a lot like the ECU Manager software used in the Sprint, Sport and Pro Series ECUs.


Press the F4 key (Main Setup) however, and you will start to notice some differences. Possibly the biggest change in layout that the ESP software has is how you setup the ECUs inputs and outputs.

Previously there was a page for inputs, a page for outputs and a page for advanced functions, this lead to having to click on multiple pages back and forth to get some features enabled. With ESP all of these settings are contained within the “functions” tab of the main setup.


To enable  a new function, either search or scroll through the list of available functions, select the function you wish to add and the ESP software will let you know if any wiring connections need to be made.

If they do, you will be prompted to select which of the available wires you want to use for this function, give it a go. It’s very friendly. In fact, click through the software setup pages and create your ideal engine configuration, add the features you on your wish list then press the “View I/O Report…” button.


ESP has created a wiring diagram of for you to print out directly (just press the “Print Report” button) so you can your install done quickly and efficiently.

If you have a sensor that we haven’t thought of or perhaps you are working on a custom application where you need to create your own generic map axis based on a number of inputs, just scroll down to the generic channels, select the combination of variables you want to trigger the function and you are set.

While you are there go ahead and give it a sensible name so in the future you aren’t stuck at the race track saying “was the turbo-incabulator on generic 1 or generic 2?”


We could spend hours going through each and every function that you could setup, but we will let you enjoy that in your own time. Lets move over now into the fuel and ignition mapping structure to see whats changed there.

If you open the Base Fuel Map and press the F3 (Axis Setup) button the first thing you will see is that you can now enable an additional axis for tuning in 4 dimensions. These 4D maps are available in the fuel, ignition and boost tables.

Wondering what you might use something like this for? It could be used to map the engine across different cam positions, it could be used for independent maps based on what gear you are in, it could also be used for an independently mappable multistage dry nitrous setup. The choice is yours. If you can think of it, the Elite and ESP can do it.


Want to change the axis of your boost control map? Go ahead press F3 and select a different axis, want to setup that turbo-encabulator fuel correction map you have always been dreaming of?
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