Flick of the switch: ECU control at your fingertips

Flick of the switch: ECU control at your fingertips

Can I control my Haltech ECU from the driver’s seat? Yes you can!

You can now control your Elite functions in real time from inside the cabin using the Haltech Trim Module. Torque management, boost levels, nitrous control, ignition correction and other functions can now be accessed and controlled via a cabin-mounted switch panel.

The Rotary Trim knob’s a pretty simple bit of gear. It’s basically a 3 wire, 12 stop potentiometer. This means it’s got a 12 position knob which affects the output voltage which is wired into your ECU.  

Once installed, it can be used to map virtually anything against the trim knob position. For example:

• You might want to have up to 12 levels of boost pressure or…
• On the fly adjustable traction control – allowable front to rear wheel slip percentages or…
• You are in the staging lanes about to race your drag car and notice the track just improved slightly, you could use this trim knob to adjust your launch RPM by 25RPM for each click or…
• You may want to adjust your target driveshaft RPM curve because the racetrack is not up to scratch.

But, it’s not limited to just one function on one Trim knob. You can set up a bunch of tuning tables verses your rotary trim knob.

For example, you might want to tie the boost trim, the electronic throttle maximum angle, the launch RPM and the main engine RPM limiter all to the same knob, so as you twist it the tune-up gets more and more aggressive.

This is where the Elite Software Programmer software really comes into its own. Within ESP you can adjust any of the tuning table axes to map against whatever you like and whenever you like!

Even if you don’t have a Haltech ECU just yet you can download the full working software (it’s FREE!) from our website, then open one of the hundreds of supplied base maps and start building a map for your specific engine with your specific needs. 

Once you have done, add a couple of the rotary trim knobs and configure them to change the engine behaviour in order to make your car easier to race, easier to use and to make it your own!

Dual Rotary Trim Module + Panel Kit

Part Number: HT-010509
Compatible with: Elite 2500T, Elite 2500, Elite 1500, Elite REM.
Includes: 2 x HT-010504 Rotary Trim Module (with Black Position Knobs), 1 x Position Knob (Yellow), 1 x HT-010507 Dual Switch Panel, 1 x Instruction Sheet.
Dimensions: Width: 118.5mm (4.666″),  Height: 50.8mm (2″),Thickness: 2mm (0.080″)

Triple Rotary Trim Module + Panel Kit

Part Number: HT-010510
Compatible with: Elite 2500T, Elite 2500, Elite 1500, Elite REM.
3 x HT-010504 Rotary Trim Module (with Black Position Knobs), 1 x Position Knob (Yellow), 1 x Position Knob (Red)1 x HT-010508 Triple Switch Panel, 1 x Instruction Sheet.
Dimensions: Width: 177.8mm (7″),  Height: 50.8mm (2″), Thickness: 2mm (0.080″)

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