Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

A Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is used to determine the pressure in the fuel tank of a vehicle. The fuel tank pressure sensor is used to detect leaks as part of the EVAP, or Evaporative Emissions, system.

On this node, the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor calibration can be loaded or entered manually. If you have purchased a Pressure sensor from Haltech, calibrations can be loaded directly into the calibration table by using the 'Load from File' button. Calibrations can be saved to file by using the 'Save to File' button. 


This node sets the display settings for the Fuel Tank Pressure channel. 
Warning Maximum - Sets the pressure at which the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor Number Displays, Gauges and Bars will enter their upper warning state.


This node allows the enabling of high and low voltage DTCs for the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor.
A DTC severity can be set for each voltage, which will trigger an Engine Protection level for the relevant setting.


This node allows you to assign the input for the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor. 
Pressure Sensors use an Analog Input. Any available AVI can be used.
It is recommended to disable the Pull Up.

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