Haltech Can Bus Selection

Haltech Can Bus Selection

The Haltech CAN Bus is used to communicate with all Haltech CAN based expansion devices such as wideband controllers, display dashes and I/O expander boxes. Select the port where you would like the Bus to be broadcast.

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    • Vehicle Can Bus Selection

      The Haltech Vehicle CAN is used to support vehicles which incorporate a vehicle CAN Bus. The Vehicle CAN Bus from the Haltech broadcasts messages required for the selected vehicle to interact with OEM modules and OEM Dashes. Select from the dropdown ...
    • Selection

      Select All Selects everything in view All Ranges Toggle All Ranges Mode of selection. All Ranges Above Toggle All Ranges Above mode of selection. Only available when All Ranges Mode is enabled. Align Aligns the cursor to current engine operating ...
    • CAN Bus Overview

      The Haltech Elite 2500 ECU has Dual CAN Bus communications capable of communicating directly to the Haltech Bus and the Vehicle Bus and can be enabled and configured via the Devices tab within the setup page.
    • Auxiliary CAN Bus Port

      The Auxiliary CAN Bus Port is designed to be used with a standard Deutsch DTM Series 4 pin connector. This port can be setup to broadcast Haltech CAN data or Vehicle Bus data. Pre-Terminated cables can be purchased to connect to the CAN Bus Port. ...
    • Plug-in Model Selection

      Plug-in Information Model Setup Some factory pin locations and functionality vary between vehicle variants. Upon making a Plug-In Information "Model" selection (referenced in Initial ECU Setup), the hardware configuration is set and the on-board ...