Haltech Elite ECU and Drive-By-Wire

Haltech Elite ECU and Drive-By-Wire

Drive-By-Wire (DBW) is one of the most anticipated features on the new Haltech Elite Series ECUs, but it’s the implementation of the DBW system that really makes the Elite Series stand out from the crowd.


How DBW works
To put it simply; in a DBW system the cable linking the throttle pedal and the throttle body is replaced by electric motors and sensors. The sensors detect the pedal movement and activate the electric motors which in turn open or close the butterfly valve in the throttle body.

How the Elite ECU controls DBW
The Elite ECU monitors both the pedal and throttle body position sensors and has the capability to act upon detecting any faults. The new Elite ECU places a great emphasis on safety and actually uses two processors which constantly monitor each other and switch to a back-up mode when a fault is detected in one of them.

Potentially dangerous scenarios like foreign objects jammed in the throttle body, snapped throttle return spring, linkage or throttle blade breakage are quickly detected, identified and safeguarded by the Elite ECU.

In the video below Matt explains how DBW works and shows how the Elite series ECUs control this very important component of modern cars.

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