ICE Ignition LS1 Coil #4300

ICE Ignition LS1 Coil #4300

Information on the ICE Ignition LS1 replacement coil


ICE Ignition make their own variant of the LS1 coil with a part number 4300.  Configuration and wiring remain the same as for normal LS1 coils however the dwell is different.

They claim:

The ICE LS1 Coil is the ultimate ignition coil upgrade for LS1 engines or any after market EFI application requiring individual coils.  It provides high voltage delivery, combined with phenomenal output to suit the most demanding conditions.  The ICE coil fits existing factory LS1 mounting brackets.

The ICE LS1 Coil features:

  • Twice the energy of factory coils with supplied dwell table
  • Current limiting set at 20 Amps, as opposed to factory 8.25 Amps
  • Advanced design to withstand vibration and deliver maximum, consistent output
  • Suitable for the most demanding road, off-road, race or marine applications.
  • Superior common-mode noise rejection – no false triggering



Haltech Elite Series Setting
Ignition Mode
Installation Dependent
Ignition Edge
Ignition Dwell Mode
Constant Charge


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