The Elite Series ECU's cannot control the ignition coils directly. Some sort of ignition amplifier such as a power transistor, Haltech ignition module or high intensity spark unit (CDI unit eg MSD 6A, crane HI6, M&W pro12 etc) must be used to interface the ECU with the coils. This ignition module supplies the ground to the coil only when the ECU enables charging of the coil. Each coil also requires a 12V source (with the exception of CDI units where the 12V will often come from the CDI unit itself). Many factory cars will have ignition modules external to the ECU also. These factory modules can be used in conjunction with the Elite ECU's. The ignition output wires from the Elite wire harness should be used to trigger the ignition amplifier. Some late model cars run ignition modules built into the ECU itself. In this scenario, you will need to purchase external ignition modules. Each ignition coil requires its own separate ignition module channel.

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