Ignition Modules

Ignition Modules

The Ignition Module should be mounted on a flat surface (eg. the firewall) to ensure proper heat dissipation and to avoid stress on the wiring connections. It is also important to prevent the module overheating by mounting it away from hot components such as exhaust manifolds and turbochargers. A wiring diagram for your ignition module should be included. Follow the directions on these instructions to connect your ignition module(s) to your main wiring harness. Locate the ignition wires in the main loom. Using the supplied pins, crimp the pins onto the appropriate wires and insert them into the appropriate locations in the ignitor plug, but do not connect it to the ignitor until the ignition settings in the ECU are verified. Verify these by connecting the ECU to a computer with Haltech Elite Software Programmer.

Following examples for one channel:

If using Auto-Dwell ignitors such as the old Bosch 008 ignition module (rare), Constant Duty Cycle Mode should be selected in the Ignition Setup Page.
If using a ECU-Dwell ignitor (Most standard ignitors are ECU-Dwell, as are modern Haltech ignitors), the Constant Charge Mode should be selected in the ignition setup page.
To avoid damage to the ignition components and engine, disconnect the main ignition and injection fuses from the fuse box prior to powering up and configuring for the first time.

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