Haltech IQ3 Street 'Firmware Error'

Haltech IQ3 Street 'Firmware Error'

If you have received a message saying ‘Firmware Error’ on your screen, try the following method to restore your dash.

Step 1.
Reboot your laptop and ensure no other tuning software programs are open (eg. Haltech NSP, HPTuners, PCLink). Some software programs poll the system to auto-detect an ECU, which can create data corruption in the Racepak, causing the ‘Firmware Error’ message. Save the firmware file IQ3H_v2.14.hex (attached below) to your computer.

Step 2.
Connect USB cable, open DataLinkII software, then go to Settings > Scan COM Ports. Although you won’t be able to read and write a config to the dash, communication on a port should be successful (eg. COM5).

Step 3.
Right-click on ‘IQ3S Haltech’ to open the main configuration screen.

Step 4.
Go to the ‘Dash Info’ tab, then click on ‘Update’. 

The software will attempt to communicate with the dash but result in a fail (Receiver Timeout error). Click ‘OK’ and the software will proceed to the next step anyway.

Step 5.
Select the correct firmware file (IQ3H_v2.14.hex), then click ‘Start’.

Your dash screen should now say ‘Updating Firmware’. This process should take about 60 seconds. 

When finished, you should receive a message saying the firmware update was successful, and the dash screen should have a default configuration showing.

Step 6.
Load your saved configuration file or create your own layout, then send to dash (Edit > Write VNET Config). Default Metric configuration file attached below (IQ3_Config_Street_Haltech_v214.rcg).
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