Knock Control

Knock Control

How does knock control work ?

Knock Control is used to retard the ignition timing in the case that engine knock is detected by the sensors. By enabling short term retard, the knock is reduced, creating a safer system, and protecting the engine from potential damage and/or detonation. Long-term trim also ensures that in the case that the tune was incorrect, the long-term learning can implement a long-term retard where required, in order to further reduce knock.

Ignition Tuning - Knock

Knock Control



Select this option when more than one sensor is being used


Select this option for single sensors

Short Term Retard

This is the amount of short term retard that is applied when the Knock Detection has seen the Knock Signal exceed the Knock Threshold. (Default = 5º)

Short Term Decay Rate

This is the rate at which the short term retard will decay away. This is measured in Degrees per complete engine cycle. (Default = 0.5º/ECyc)

Retard Sample Rate

Limits the number of retard actions for this amount of time, in order to avoid multiple retard actions for one event from compounding on each other

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