MSD Cam Sync Sensor

MSD Cam Sync Sensor


MSD Holley part number: 85141

Haltech does not sell this part.

This distributor plug is equipped with an adjustable Hall-Effect Cam Sync Sensor for fuel injected engines. The Cam Sync can be adjusted to achieve the proper lead time required for the particular ECU being used.  It is used to provide a Home (Sync) signal in conjunction with a crank trigger to allow cylinder identification, which in turn allows sequential fuel injection and direct fire ignition.



Haltech Elite Series Setting
Sensor Type
Hall Effect
Filter Level


Wire Colour
Haltech Connection (Home 4-Core)
12V+ (Red)
Home + (Yellow)
Signal Ground (Blue)

Please note that MSD claim the signal output will be 1.5V less than the power supply.  If you are powering the sensor from 5V instead of 12V then custom settings will be required for the Home sensor, with the Arming Voltage Threshold set to 3.0V and the Activation Voltage Threshold set to 1.0V

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