MSD Crank Trigger Kit

MSD Crank Trigger Kit

Information on MSD Crank Trigger Kits


MSD Holley part number: 8260 (BB Chevy)
Haltech does not sell this part.

This crank trigger has a reluctor 4x tooth trigger system. Together with a cam sync signal it provides information to the ECU necessary to support sequential injection control.  Being crank mounted it provides a much more accurate signal than a distributor based trigger system can.

When installing the kit for use with a Haltech ECU, the sensor should be located to give the most possible amount of ignition advance and then lock it down.


The TDC Offset should be found by using a timing light.  A value of 40 will be close enough to allow most engines with this trigger system to fire up, but then it needs to be checked from there.



Wire Colour
Haltech Connection (Trigger 4-core)
Signal +
Trigger + (Yellow)
Signal -
Trigger - (Green)

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