PPG Sequential Gearbox Wiring and Configuration

PPG Sequential Gearbox Wiring and Configuration

Configuring and Wiring a PPG Sequential to work with a Haltech ECU

This guide is based around a PPG 6 Speed Sequential as used in R32-34 Skyline GTRs, and how to configure it for use with a Haltech ECU.

It assumes the gearbox has been supplied with PPG's 'Universal Display Harness' and the PPG gear display is being used. See note at the end of this article about wiring without the use of the included gear display (for use with a display dash for example).

PPG Download Resource 

Contains gear position sensor calibration tool BladeCom, PPG Installation guide PDF. 



Load Cell Wiring

Red - Switched 12v Source

Black - ECU Signal Ground

White - Load Cell Signal (AVI)

Gearbox Harness Wiring

PPG Harness 'Chassis Interface' C4

Red - Switched 12v Source

Pink - Gear Position Signal (AVI)

Black - ECU Signal Ground

Position Sensor Programming

The position sensor in the gearbox is programmable, and must be configured to give a reliable signal output for use with your ECU. 

  1. Download and install 'BladeCom' software (see link below for download)
  2. Connect the included USB programming dongle to your laptop, then connect the Deutsch DTM plug to the 'Comms' connector on the PPG harness.
  3. From within the BladeCom software, open the 'Sensor Options' menu and choose 'Detect Sensor'
  4. Ensure the BladeCom software has detected the sensor by confirming it shows a sensor version and serial number in the lower bar.

  5. Enable changes to the sensor by choosing 'Sensor Options' > 'Allow Changes'.
  6. Choose 'Output Options' and tick 'Reverse'

  7. Select the 'Manual Setup' tab and configure all values as follows. Click 'Set' after each entry.

  8. Once complete, return to the 'Sensor Options' menu and untick 'Allow Changes'.

  9. The position sensor is now programmed and you can disconnect the programming dongle.

  10. Programming of the PPG gear display is now required, see the PPG Installation guide for instructions on this process.

Haltech ECU Configuration

Gear Position Values


Installation without a PPG Gear Display

The PPG gear display includes a power supply that provides the gear position sensor with a regulated 5v supply. If you do not wish to use the PPG gear display, then 5v must be supplied externally.

The easiest way to provide 5v to the PPG sensor is via the 'Comms' connector on pin 4. Connect this to your ECUs 5v output. The 12v supply into the 'Chassis Interface' of the PPG harness is now no longer required.

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