Recirculation Valve

Recirculation Valve

The Recirculation valve helps to make your car more efficient by recirculating a portion of your exhaust and running it through the combustion process again.This results in a cooler, more complete burn of the fuel which decreases you car's noxious emissions by prohibiting the formation of some harmful gases.

Wiring Tab


Recirculation Valve Output

Select an available output wire, typically a DPO (Digital Pulsed Output) or Stepper Output that will be connected for the Recirculation Valve.

Active State

Controls the whether the output is normal or inverted. Low will ground the output wire when the output is set to be On. Setting to High will invert this signal, with the output wire being grounded when the output is set to be Off, and not grounded when it is set to be On. (Default = Low)

Recirculation Valve Tab

Output Frequency

Enter the required fixed output frequency of the Recirculation Valve.

Related Tables

Recirc Valve

Recirculation Valve Output Duty Cycle

The values in this table indicate the output duty of the recirculation valve which can be mapped over a range of channels.

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