Rotary Trim Modules

Rotary Trim Modules

Rotary Trim Modules are used to trim functions based on switch position. Functions such as Boost Control and Torque Management are common cases for a Rotary Trim Module controlling an axis in a target or trim table.

On this node, the Rotary Trim Module calibration can be loaded or entered manually. If you have purchased a Rotary Trim Module from Haltech, calibrations can be loaded directly into the calibration table by using the 'Load from File' button. Two calibrations are available depending on the sticker layout used with the Trim Moduie. '0 to 12' and '-5 to 6' calibration files are available.  Custom calibrations can be saved to file by using the 'Save to File' button. 


This node allows you to assign the input for the Rotary Trim Module.
Trim Modules use an Analog Input. Any available AVI can be used.
It is recommended to disable the Pull Up.

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