Selecting cells

Selecting cells

By default, one cell will always be selected in the tuning table. The selected cell is blue in colour and can be moved around the tuning table by using the 'Arrow' keys.

If required, multiple cells can be selected, by holding down the 'Shift' key, then any arrow key.

  • Up — Will expand the selected cell(s) up the tuning table.

  • Down — Will expand the selected cell/s down the tuning table.

  • Left — Will expand the selected cell/s left in the tuning table.

  • Right — Will expand the selected cell/s right in the tuning table.

  • Ctrl A — Will select all cells in the tuning table.

When multiple cells are selected, cell operations will be applied to all cells.

The text view table with a 4 x 3 cell selection

The text view table with all cells selected

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