Main Setup

Settings for the ECU configuration can be found here.

Table Setup

Table axes setup for the currently selected table.


Provides the tools for enabling or disabling the ECU Map security.

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    • Initial ECU Setup

      Your Elite Pro Plug-in Series ECU has been shipped in a default state. It will NOT start your vehicle without ESP configuration. Please follow the steps below to ensure you upload the correct map, set your vehicle variant and calibrate your ...
    • Tools

      Firmware Version The firmware version in the ECU can be checked here. Upgrade Firmware The ECU's firmware can be upgraded from this menu. Reboot ECU The ECU can be rebooted from this menu. Note: On PRO Harness System ECU's, please do not perform this ...
    • Engine Setup Screen

      If a basemap for your engine is unavailable for your vehicle, then you will need to create your own settings by following through the settings below.
    • File

      The File menu has options relating to the ECU tuning maps. ESP Online Opens ESP Online Sign In Opens the sign in window to ESP Online View Opens the ESP Online window Edit Details Allows the logged in user to edit their details Change User Signs out ...
    • Engine

      This section will guide you through setting up the software and calibrating the necessary values to enable you to start your engine and achieve a steady idle. By the end of this section, the vehicle will not be ready to be driven, but will be ready ...