Start Stop Button

Start Stop Button

Start / Stop Button


Type - Selects the button type for the start button.
            Momentary - The start/stop switch stays on only while the button is pressed. 
            On / Off Switch - The start/stop switch state will stay on when the engine is running. This mode is used for the traditional key start.
            CAN Input - The button is a CAN input

Engine Start / Stop under Normal Conditions

Engine Start Press Type - The type of press that will start the engine.
Short / Single Press - Attempts to start the car as soon as the button is pressed. Continue until Max Starting Attempt Time specified in Starter Motor Settings.
Hold Until Started - ECU will still attempt to start the car as soon as the button is pressed, but will only continue to do so while button is held down (or key is in Start position.)

Engine Stop Press Type - The type of press that will stop the engine under normal conditions.
Short / Single Press - Simple brief press.
Long Press - A long press or panic presses (multiple consecutive presses in 1 second) will cause the ECU to attempt to stop the engine under any condition. Please see the Emergency Engine Stop Settings section for settings related to long press and panic presses.

Short / Single Press Stop Maximum Speed - For safety, the ECU will NOT stop the engine upon a single / short press if the car is travelling above the set speed. Multiple panic presses or a long press will be required to turn off the car at or above this speed. Please note that a vehicle speed sensor is required. Minimum = 5.0, Maximum = 40.0.

Emergency Engine Stop Settings

Minimum Hold Button - The minimum time in seconds that the Start button must be held down before being considered a long press. Minimum = 0.5, Maximum = 2.0.

Minimum Number of Button Panic - The minimum number of presses within a 1 second time frame on the Start button before being considered an emergency panic press. Minimum allowed for this setting is 3 to avoid action being taken due to accidental press. Minimum = 3.0, Maximum = 5.0.

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