Torque Reduction

Torque Reduction

The Torque Reduction Function is used for drag racing bikes, to allow for the control of the engines acceleration during upshift gear changes. This control is achieved through the application of fuel and/or ignition pulse cuts, and ignition timing retard. This feature can only be used if a gear position sensor or a gear switch is being used to detect gear position. Torque reduction has 3D ignition retard tables for each gear shift, and an output available to be used for the gear shift solenoid.

Wiring Tab

Torque Reduction Output

Select an available output wire, typically a DPO (Digital Pulsed Output) that will be wired to your Torque Reduction Output

Active State

Controls the whether the output to the solenoid is normal or inverted. Low will ground the output wire when the output is set to be On. Setting to High will invert this signal, with the output wire being grounded when the output is set to be Off, and not grounded when it is set to be On. (Default = Low)

Torque Reducion Tab

Ignition Retard Time Limit

This is the maximum duration that the torque reduction will be applied for after initial activation.

Minimum Throttle Position

This is the minimum throttle position necessary for torque reduction to operate

Minimum RPM

This is the minimum RPM necessary for torque reduction to operate

Output Pulse Width

The pulse width used for the torque reduction output

Cut Type

This is the cut method used to reduce torque

No Cut

Disables any cut method from activating

Ignition Cut

Ignition Outputs will be cut to reduce torque. This is the more common method.

Fuel Cut

Injection Outputs will be cut to reduce torque.

Fuel & Ignition Cut

Injection Outputs and Ignition Outputs will be cut to reduce torque.

Input Select

This is the Input that will be used to trigger a reduction in torque

Gear Position Sensor

The gear position sensor will be used to determine a gear shift.

Gear Switch

The gear switch will be used to determine a gear shift.

Setting up Tables

Delay Time

Under ECU Navigator>Torque Reduction>select Delay Time

This table is used to define the amount of time between the detection of a shift via the gear position sensor/switch, and the application of a torque reduction.

Cut Time

Under ECU Navigator>Torque Reduction>select Cut Time

This table is used to define the amount of time that a torque reduction event will occur for. This begins after the Delay Time has lapsed.

Ignition Offset

Under ECU Navigator>Torque Reduction>select Ignition Offset

This table allows for an ignition timing percentage correction to be applied to the shift table. This can assist when more or less ignition retard is required under certain conditions (for example if the air temperature is above a certain temperature). The Ignition Offset (if set) will be applied to whichever table is active at the time. Both axes for this table are user configurable.

Shift 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6

Under ECU Navigator>Torque Reduction>select Shift X-X

This table is used to determine the amount of ignition retard applied between each gear shift in order to reduce the torque. There is one table available to each gear shift (for example, shifting from first gear to second gear, from second gear to third gear, and so on).

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