Turbo Speed Sensors 1/2

Turbo Speed Sensors 1/2

Turbo Speed sensors are used to monitor turbocharger shaft speed. Shaft speed can be used to calculate turbo efficiency when reviewing compressor and turbine flow maps. Shaft speed can also be monitored to prevent an over-speed situation, whereby an engine limiter is enabled to help prevent turbo damage.

On this node, the number of blades calibration can be entered. This value should match the number of physical blades on the compressor wheel, and it assumes the sensor being used contains a 'divide by eight' circuit integrated into its connection. This style of sensor is commonly sold with most Garrett and Borg Warner turbochargers.


This node sets the warning level for the Turbo Speed Sensor.
Warning Maximum - Sets the RPM at which the Turbo Speed Sensor Number Displays, Gauges and Bars will enter their upper warning state.


This node allows for the enabling of a high frequency DTC for the Turbo Speed sensor.

A DTC severity can be set for this frequency, which will trigger an Engine Protection level for the relevant setting.


This node allows you to assign the input for the Turbo Speed sensor. 

Turbo Speed Sensors use an SPI Input. Any available SPI can be used.

The recommended setting are as follows:
Edge Select - Falling
Sensor Type - Hall Effect
Pull Up - Enable

SPI Glitch Filter

This table sets the amount of time in microseconds that the signal pulse must remain in a transitioned state in order for the signal to be accepted as valid. 
Any pulse shorter than this time will be considered a glitch on the signal and rejected by the ECU.

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