Fuel Tuning

Fuel Tuning

The Fuel Tuning node configures the main Fuel System information for the engine. 


Tuning Method

Sets the method for fueling calculation. Most installations will use Volumetric Efficiency. See also Fuel Base.

Auto V.E Air Temp Compensation

When Tuning Method is Volumetric Efficiency and this option is enabled, Intake Air Temperature is used as part of the VE fuel calculation. 

Fuel Type

The type of fuel being delivered to the engine. 

Percentage of Ethanol

Only available when Fuel Type is set to 'Ethanol Petrol Blend'. This is for delivery of a known mixture of an ethanol/petrol blend when no Fuel Composition sensor is being used. Eg, you will only ever use drum 'Race' E85 whos Ethanol Content will never change.

Fuel Load Type

Sets the source for the 'Fuel - Load' channel. 

Fuel Pressure Input Type

Sets the relationship of fuel pressure to the manifold pressure. Most installations will use a MAP Reference fuel pressure, however many OEM systems may have a Constant fuel pressure. This setting calculates the 'Fuel Pressure Expected' channel, and generates the 'Injector Differential Pressure' channel if no fuel pressure sensor is present. 

Base Fuel Pressure

Sets this to the base pressure of the fuel system. The base pressure should be checked when the engine is not running. Under certain circumstances, this setting will calculate the Injector Differential Pressure and Fuel Pressure Expected channels.

Enable Flood Clear Mode

Enables the flood clear system that disables injection output when the throttle position is above the user demand max and the engine is below the cranking RPM.

Conditional Base Tables

Cranking Fuel Amount

Enables a Cranking Fuel Amount table that is used for fuel delivery when the engine is under cranking RPM.

Zero Demand Fuel Amount

Enables a Zero Demand Fuel table that is used for fuel delivery when the user demand value is less than the user demand minimum.

MAP Reference at Zero Demand

Only available when 'Zero Demand Fuel Amount' is enabled. This is the load value used as part of the output of the Zero Demand Fuel Amount table. 


O2 Control

Enables the Closed-loop O2 Control system. See 'O2 Control' for more information.

Transient Throttle

Enables the Transient Throttle system. See 'Transient Throttle' for more information.

Prime Pulse

Enables the Prime Pulse function. See 'Prime Pulse' for more information.

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