Initial ECU Setup

Initial ECU Setup

Your Elite Pro Plug-in Series ECU has been shipped in a default state. It will NOT start your vehicle without ESP configuration. Please follow the steps below to ensure you upload the correct map, set your vehicle variant and calibrate your Drive-By-Wire system.

  1. Locate your OEM ECU and unplug it from the vehicle, plugging the Haltech Elite Pro-Plugin Series ECU in instead.

  2. Fasten the Haltech Elite Pro-Plugin Series ECU to the vehicle via the supplied hex-head machine screws and washers.

  3. Open the Elite Software Programmer recently installed on your PC.

  4. Ensure that the communications cable is connected to the communications port on your ECU.

  5. Connect the USB cable provided with your ECU to the communications cable and connect it to your PC.

  6. Power up the ECU by switching the ignition on and connect to your ECU through the Elite Software Programmer. Please wait until the map loads and is fully displayed.

  7. Click the 'File' tab and select 'Upload Map'. Ensure you choose the map most specific to your vehicle variant.

  8. Click the 'Setup' menu and select 'Main Setup'. Under 'Plug-in Information', choose your vehicle model. The chosen vehicle model must reflect how the vehicle came from the factory. If the vehicle was naturally aspirated from the factory, however is now turbocharged or supercharged, the naturally aspirated variant must be selected. This is to ensure the Haltech ECU pins match your vehicles factory engine harness configuration. In some cases, if a different variant stock ECU and harness is used, or an engine swap has been performed, the Plug-in variant must be selected to match the new ECU and Harness. More detailed information and guidelines for the Plug-in Model selection, and the vehicle CAN support can be found in Plug-in Model Selection.

  9. Select the 'Functions' tab and locate the Drive-By-Wire function. A Disclaimer will open up, be sure to read this and accept.

  10. Select the 'Calibration' tab in the Drive-By-Wire function and start the calibration process by first calibrating the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) and then the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). The TPS calibration will be performed automatically and when complete, click apply and the ECU is ready to be re-booted.

  11. Your ECU is now set up and you may start the vehicle.


The factory Ford Audio Module maintains complete functionality with the installation of the Haltech ECU. For some variants, if the OEM ECU is reinstalled after the Haltech installation the Audio Module may require reprogramming. Please contact your local Ford dealership to re-establish correct operation.


While tuning the vehicle on a dynamometer, the vehicle speed main source must be set to the rear of the vehicle. Failure to do so will upset the instrument cluster of the vehicle and result in the speedometer not working, the odometer increasing at an exponential rate and traction control and ABS systems to be upset. Once the vehicle is off the dyno and on the road, the vehicle speed main source must be set to the front of the vehicle to avoid any false instrument cluster readings due to wheel slip.

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